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UPCOMING CLASS! February 16, 2019 (Please register at least one week prior to ensure class has enough enrollment to run!) This class will offer an overview of the query process and give you tips, tools, and tricks to maximize your writing time. Class time will include discussion of the key elements of a query and tips to help students start, sharpen, and prepare their query for markets. Students will also develop a map of the query process and also a checklist to take a query from idea to out the door.

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A listing of the Children's Non-Fiction Titles I've worked on — my celebrity biographies are so popular that librarians say they have a hard time keeping them on shelves, so they are often on display when I've visited. And, YES, I do author visits in the schools! Please contact me to schedule a program — I can do a writer's workshop or a simple Q&A program. I also love hearing from young readers and teachers. I'm working on getting a little Q&A up for readers who write to me!

Reinventing the Wheel: Artisan Pizzas Satisfy the Pickiest Eaters

IT WAS A FRIDAY night when Terry Walters found herself with a group of hungry kids and no menu plan. Inspired by the artisan pizza trend, Walters went with what she had on hand and baked personal polenta crusts. Then she made a toppings bar using everything in her fridge—pesto, spinach, basil leaves, red onion, spring garlic, fresh mozzarella and grated Parmesan—so all of the kids could design their own. This article for Costco Connection (the highest circulation magazine in the US) covers the art of making an artisan pizza at home, creatively using leftover elements, and includes recipes.

There is a secret to creating delicious, nutritious kid-friendly recipes

What will be on the school menu next fall? New recipes, such as those cheesy nachos, may find their way into a school lunch room next fall thanks to a collaborative “dream team” -- school chefs Ricardo Abbott from St. Paul Public Schools, Spencer Fischer from Eastern Carver County Schools, Nancy Close from NutriStudents K-12 and partners from Dairy Management Inc., National Dairy Council, Land O’Lakes, Inc., General Mills and Midwest Dairy. The team came together just before the start of June D

Simply Rural: Full Bloom, Full Season

Some of my favorite discoveries? Deadheading daylilies keeps them blooming all season. Violas are more fragrant than pansies, but otherwise, it is simply a matter of taste. And, multiple clematis flowers on one trellis keeps them going from spring to fall. Head to page 6 of the PDF for additional tips from expert gardeners such as Kathy Donahue Nass of Donahue Greenhouses in Faribault to keep your garden in bloom all season long.

How to start your own seedlings

A perfectly straight and early stringless bush bean. A dahlia in the most vibrant color you can imagine. The same tomato that South Dakota settlers grew in 1845. Dreaming doesn’t do you much good, though, if you order a whole pile of seed packets without the slightest idea of how to grow them. This feature describes how to take those dreams that begin with seed catalogs and grow them into reality. Topics covered include container types, growing materials, container types, when to sow outdoors and how to prepare your transplants.

Ice Cream 101: Tips for Making the Sweet Stuff at Home

ICE CREAM. “OLD people love it and kids love it and everybody in between loves it,” says Molly Moon Neitzel, owner of Molly Moon’s, a popular Seattle-based chain, and co-author of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream (Sasquatch Books, 2012; not available at Costco). Making ice cream at home is an age-old practice that’s experiencing resurgence. In fact, homemade and artisan ice creams are one of 2016’s top food trends, according to a report by the National Restaurant Association. ;e antique ice-cre

Wintry Mix: Fresh, Seasonal Salads for Cold Months

Costco carries a variety of ingredients for hearty winter salads, including organic spring mix, organic baby spinach and butternut squash. TOSS ASIDE YOUR old ideas about salad. Typecast as a warm-weather pleasure, salads are o;en pushed aside in winter, in favor of steaming pots of soup. However, a few tweaks can take salads from a sad reminder of summer days gone by to a showcase for bright, fresh flavor combinations from the season at hand.

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